I have spent my childhood  in my beautiful village-Juke which is located far in  Solukhumbu region where there is deprive of development and all the basic need like education, health service, drinking water etc. I was the second son among three sons and two daughters of my parent, Mr. Pasang Temba Sherpa and Mrs. Kamidiki Sherpa. I didn’t had chance to do higher education as there were no school in my village. But I had got chance to live in Kathmandu city with my father. During that time I received my primary education only and I was very sad that I couldn’t do further education due to lack of economic support, lack of school in my village as well as my parent didn’t knew the importance of education.

After I grew up, I started to realized the importance of education even more after the journey to Germany in 1995A.D which was helped by Klaus Ihmels (Germany).In Germany I was supported by Barbara Wilm, she had also supported  for my education in Nepal. So I started myself an education funding program to provide education to the children in my village which was supported by Bernd+Gisela Bormann(Germany), Geri(Germany) , Stegle beer(Austria) and many other from people of Munich(Germany) and Austria. Now the hard working and deserving student are rewarded every year through this fund. I have also started doing social work by distributing 20 solar lights for 16 houses of my village (Juke) and four houses of neighboring village (Chepel).I have also facilitated my village (Juke) with clean drinking water. These projects were sponsored by Geri Denglar (Germany).

Now it has already been 15 years that I have been working around Mt. Everest. After 15 years, I finally summated Mt. Everest on 20th May 2007. After this I felt even more successful and fulfilled in my life. But I still had more to conquer and more to do for my family, community, and my country as a whole. So, after I summated the Mt. Everest, I established my own sole ownership trekking office. Today I am happy that I am able to promote tourism in my country Nepal through this organization.

My life has been full of challenges all these years as we know that our life has lots of ups and down and there are still more challenges to face. We have to be strong to face all obstacles that come in our way to achieve success. This is what I have experienced in my life. I spent my life working 6 month in Himalayas,4 month Austria and 2 month living with my family. However I am proud that I have been able to provide everything to my family through this profession. And I had always wanted to help other and I believe that helping other is one of the ways to do Dharma (good karma). And since 2003, I have been continuously involved in social work and I feel that developing the community and village will help the upcoming younger generation to work on their own in their own land. To continue my social work I established another organization called Nimadawa foundation which is a non-profit social organization that works for the development of rural areas. And through this organization I have been working in the rural area of Solukhumbu and we are planning to do in other region of Nepal.